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June 17th-19th we went to the yearly Naturist Society (TNS) Eastern Assembly that occurred at a large campground in northern PA. This is our first time attending this event together with a couple hundred people, and we had quite a good time.
This weeklong gathering consists of group discussions and seminars on various naturist / naturist matters and in addition fun leisure activities which include the dances at night, a tye-expiring session, and swimming and kayaking at the enormous lake. The food was alright and served 3 times/day in a big hall. We tented again, but there are also cabins. On our first night, there was a talent show of varied performances, of which my favorite was the two-man duet with "Enrique Iglesias" and "Whitney Houston." This was followed by Oneg Shabat (the Jewish welcoming service of the Sabbath) with a group of people and a pajama-themed dance party. (I thought the Jewish Sabbath thing was really random, though it is a Jewish camp.)
Naturist Society
On Saturday night it was a Halloween theme dance with some entertaining costumes. weather. I adore going naked whenever possible, its in all there really few individuals in their 20s/30s, but this really is not an event made for young people.
We attended conversations about kids and naturism, "making waves" with NAC and on the future of naturism. Questions of the role of young people in nudism came up. ie, Why do young people seem to be missing in Societal hypocrisy needs us to keep hidden --- freedom from the restraint and self-control implied by ? How can we reach out to them? These are questions we have also had to ask ourselves!
If you have been a naturist for a long time, can you think young folks are missing? But are there plenty of young naturists out there? Does anyone know of any faculty besides Yale that has or had nonsexual naked parties? I'm wondering if naturism has almost any presence at many faculties
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