Naked Men Cause a Stir with Museum's New Exhibit

Clearly he was sexually / physically attracted to her. It was interesting to see how relaxed Chuck appeared. He was sitting with his legs open, relaxed and with the air of simplicity and artlessness. Of Naked Men Gets Censored
Naked Men - An article recently came out in the Wall Street Journal, Why Naked Men Get Short Shrift and started off with the question, Why does the male nude get no respect?
Indeed. This article came out because of a brand new exhibit in the Leopold Museum in Vienna, Austria called Naked Men. Well now, aren't they merely asking for trouble with a title like that? The museum encouraged the display by putting up posters around the town of three man soccer players, naked aside from their knee high socks and cleats. It wasn't long before they were met with a surge of complaints about the male nudity.
Let's face it: the sight of nude men upsets peopleeven in Europe! Imagine if it were live men, like in San Francisco.
The museum had posted images of full-frontal female nudity free of issue, so this backlash was allegedly unanticipated. The WSJ reported, Some are whining the pictures remind them of sex or sexually traumatic experiences. They are genitals. And I 'm completely sympathetic with individuals who have suffered sexual abuse or injury but nonetheless, I do believe I've had innumerable emails from young women who told me they burst into tears when they started reading my blog because they felt like they eventually found someone who understood their pain or what they were going through. is a pretty extreme reaction.
Yet this opinion from another report is more revealing (no pun meant): Museum officials say they received a deluge of complaints by last week, mostly from outlying districts heavily populated by new immigrants from Muslim nations. Oh. That makes sense. This is why they're also quoted on saying the intolerance toward male nudity is partially spiritual established.

Female naked artwork by Gustav Klimt, apparently the most common poster in Vienna right now. But no troubles with this one!
For me, the museum shouldn't have capitulated and covered the genitals in red tape! Austria is not a Muslim country, which is art together with freedom of expression. Why not let folks whine or protest? It's simply depicting the human body as part of an art exhibit. By covering it up, the museum is actually saying the complaints were warranted. It truly is also sending a sign the human body or genitals are obscene, constantly pornographic, shameful, unsuitable, terrible, and every other negative adjective you can think of.
Within my world view, the member is no more obscene compared to the elbow. Since the museum had previously posted pictures of naked girls with no backlash, are they saying that the vagina is ok but the member is poor? In my novel, that is a double standard since a nude body is a nude body. The red tape is also marring the original art that is a smack in the face to the artist who created it.
I think it is time for folks to protest the censorship! Here is only a little note I prepared that folks can simply copy and paste (but personalize) and e-mail to the curator of the exhibit at [email protected]:
Dear Tobias Natter,
It is often called to my attention which you determined to cave to public pressure and at the moment are covering up the posters for your own exhibit "Naked Men". If this really is true then I find it personally disturbing and offensive. This is an artwork exhibit - Since you had previously posted posters of naked females, have you been attempting to say a naked guy is something which is black?
I cannot in good faith support such policies and would like you to email me back explaining your activities. Please be aware, that public opinion and pressure just isn't justification with this activity.
Is there anything healthy in constantly censoring the body? Telling everyone, adults and kids, that there is something wrong with that part of our bodies? They're only perpetuating the idea of body shame; a part of American, and I suppose Austrian, culture that is harmful and time to do away with. By capitulating, and censoring the nudity, the museum acknowledges that there surely is a problem with nudity and the naked human form is shameful and should be covered up.
Centuries later, we still censoring them - Does that seem plausible to you personally?
What can you believe? Or were they right when they decided to cover them up?
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